What Do I Need To Be Doing More Of? (Day 1)

Instagram Analytics

Our analytics for The110Exec.com were so bad as of late I think the physical domain itself was DEPRESSED😂 Jokes aside I didn’t realize how much I was taking for granted. No excuses we needed to do better! Having said that, yesterday 5/21/2022 was our best day analytically in weeks!

While I hope this doesn’t come off as an excuse I do have to say that as much as I’ve been trying to plan, life has been throwing curve ball, after curve ball. Silver-Lining being, that it hasn’t deterred me.… If anything it motivates me more because I genuinely feel my actual ability to produce content is as good as anyone’s.

The last three days have been something of a welcomed change in regards to our perspective. Touching back on analytics, up until recently I’ve treated the blog like something people were lucky to experience. As humble as my numbers were, it gave me a “fat head.”

If I could use an a analogy, it was like I opened a Restaurant and my dining area is still being assembled but people are willing to overlook the lack accommodations because they like the recipe. Now imagine time passing, the seating area is still unfinished and we change the recipe. People are going to stop coming and rightfully so.

I’m watching tutorials!

I want to really want to start engaging others and giving them WHAT THEY WANT while being true to me…. That’s my biggest issue in terms of the blog. But my life, let’s talk about MY LIFE!

Appalachian Trail or Milwaukee? Davy Crockett or Robert Johnson? After much reflection, I’ve been using that word a lot lately. I’ve decided to-go city-to-city.

While the idea of literally living off the land and seeing the country is on my bucket list. Our immediate goal is to BLOG our life, our journey.

The Appalachian Trail while being the most “accessible and novice-friendly” of thru-hikes from what I’ve read in articles and research it is still in essence the wilderness. Which means long stretches of “nothing.” We kind of need people to interact with.

To put it plainly we need to be where the “LIFE IS” so-to-speak. The idea of running out of money or supplies while out on the road is no bueno. More to the point we need to pay our child support and we’re not going to be able to do that singing songs in the bush.

We spoke with the landlord yesterday and told him we still don’t have the rent and he was more than cordial about it. I believe he will begin the eviction process which is what we expected. But again, cordial. I’ve been here a year and a half and have never been late with rent or caused any issues. My lease has been up since November, so I’m not breaking the lease. Still, I know this is an inconvenience on him.

That will serve as our countdown clock. It will also serve 2 purposes. We can put this theory of earning money street performing into practice as well as promoting the blog. I made a sign with the website on it encouraging passers-by to check it out.

I want to visit “music cities” throughout the country. I will go deeper into that tonight. It’s 11AM Sunday 5/22/2022, heading down to the World Trade Center to get me Robert Johnson on.

PS- Day 2 no coffee. Have a minor headache.

Executives, Be Well!☺️

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