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Hi, my name is Kai, I’m a content creator and full time human being.

A combination of introspective shit-talk, obnoxious romanticism, and the pursuit of a deeper understanding!

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The 5 Stages Of Grief: A Requiem For A Friend

My Best friend Justin Ramos, died on August 9th, 2020. And it’s has had a profound effect on my life. The immediate effect was me falling into a deep despair! At the time, I was staying in a homeless shelter in Brooklyn, but in a “great place” mentally. Working a security job and waiting to […]

Kai’s Silver-Lining: Methodical Movements

Understanding the concept of conditioning. Shaky Chest My chest used to jiggle when I ran… don’t scroll away, come back! My chest used to jiggle when I ran and after a while it bothered me to the point that I went to the gym and tried to hit the weights. I did that for a […]

Cui bono? Who Benefits?

I’ve reached a point where I know within 5 seconds of someone interacting with me whether I plan on interacting with them in the future or not. I used to second-guess that intuition, but now I let it guide me.  Cui Bono – cui bo·​no | \ ˈkwē-ˈbō-(ˌ)nō: 1: a principle that probable responsibility for an […]

Executive Check-In #3

Executives, I’m out here just winging it! I’ve come to the realization that while there is a time and place for “riffing;” improvisation, and letting the “chips fall where they may,” what we need to start getting in the habit of, is not only setting a goal and itinerary but breaking down how to achieve […]

The Frayed Ends Of Sanity: Or My Mental Health?

Executives, the last couple days I have dealing with a severe bout of depression. I’ve talked about this before but this isn’t the “I might do something terrible” dread but an overwhelming sense of responsibility, mixed with loneliness. On top of that, I’ve been falling out with people I care for left and right, and […]

You Really Like Me, Right?

An Observation On validation  All my life, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be a filmmaker…  Since a child, I’ve rewatched my favorite movies to the point where the film’s dialogue becomes a part of my day-to-day vocabulary. Mannerisms; the way Vincent Vega; John Travolta’s Elvis-loving-heroin-addicted-hit man from “Pulp Fiction” touches the side of his nose while […]

“The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford” The Prophet, The Coward and The Nobody: An Essay

DIRECTED BY: Andrew Dominik DIRECTOR OF CINEMATOGRAPHY: Roger Deakins SCREENPLAY BY: Andrew Dominik RELEASE: 2007 Intro From the outset of the film Bob and Jesse mirror each other, even if it’s a warped reflection. Dark suit, light shirt; Bob’s suit is “all over him” buttoned to the top implying a humble, negligent demeanor. He is […]

Nine To Five Is How You Survive: Life According To Kai

Executives, I quit my job yesterday. I’m going to be honest, I have no immediate prospects. I will be monetizing the blog today, that’s right, we’re selling out, going “Black Album”… Not Jay-z… Metallica. Actually, at our level of quality and productivity we’re probably something more of a “Load”… A bloody discharge of something that […]

Expectations & Gratitude

When I started this blog I expected to be up long nights, seeing all parts of the world not just the New York City-Metropolitan Area but the World CRAIG! Expectations I would have experiences that would draw people to my blog and accumulate enough traffic that I would be monetized in a couple months and […]

Young Woman At A Window (Alternate)

A woman, resolved on killing herself goes up to her “favorite” window. As she reaches the window she begins tidying up before opening up the window. She then sits in the window sill and begins to have a “smoke.” As the woman nears the end of her smoke she looks at the cigarette, it’s practically […]

Young Woman At A Window

Executives, Hello, I want to run a scene idea by you! I don’t have any dialogue for it and I need to come up with a proper setup, but I know the general outline for the 1st draft. I  originally planned on just going over a brief synopsis of a post, but this kind of […]


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